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Elevate your story: A Mini-retreat
Presented by: Kelly Thompson, Manifesting Mentor & Brenda Lee Nelson, CPC, ELI-MP

A play date for women

Together we will explore:
* Where we have been
* Where we are going
* Obstacles and roadblocks
* How to best feed our souls
* Living with intention & meaning

July 28, 2018



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Wellness & Rituals

As the seasons change so do our internal rhythms. Let's spend some time focusing on what rituals & wellness habits will bring ease into our lives at this particular time.

We will intentionally re-prioritize how we spend our days and make a plan to infuse our routines with what our soul is specifically craving, allowing us to be more mindful, happy & healthy.graph here.

Oct 25th, 2018


South Metro


My desire is to assist you in understanding your true power and potential and to move you out of thought and into action. To provide you with the inspiration, knowledge and skills that support you to design your best life ever, embrace the art of living and Shine and BE happy. 

Consultation Session... FREE

Single Manifesting Mindset Session.....$75

3 Sessions....................$210

6 Sessions....................$360

Call or text 952-393-9279 to schedule your session.
Payment options: Zelle, Square or Paypal

Call or text 952-393-9279 to reserve a space.

Payment options: Zelle, Square or Paypal

Building Blocks to Design Your Best Life Ever !

Modules 1-6 ............$30 each

Modules 1-6 ............$165 (save $15)